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Microneedle patches for minimally invasive biorevitalization

Microneedles under a microscope

Microneedles – represent a NEW way of delivering active substances deep into the skin
The depth of delivery of active substances
Usual beauty products
Creams and hydrogel patches do not get deeper than the dead stratum corneum of the skin. Their use is painless, but less effective because of the low depth of delivery. Hydrogel and tissue patches have a quick cooling effect of a compress, which doesn't last long.
Microneedle applicators
Microneedles deliver active substances deep into the skin - to the basement membrane. Their use is painless (the nerve endings remain below the membrane) and at the same time much more effective due to the depth of delivery of penetration.
Injection methods
Injection are affective, but their infiltration is too deep and there is no exact control of the depth of delivery of active substances. The treatment is painful and can not be carried out at home without the presence of a highly qualified specialist.
How we create our microneedles?
Microneedles are made from hyaluronic acid, which is polymerized and dried till becoming solid in special molds.
How to use microneedles?
Microneedles - are absolutely painless! And at the same time very simple and safe! Watch our short video and see for yourself:
Alliance of Beauty and Science
Microneedles BLOM are not only effective, but also dazzling, which didn't go unnoticed by the editors of the best beauty magazines.
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